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flammablelizard's Journal

Hello to whoever is reading my profile! :D

I go by FlammableLizard in most places now-a-days, and most people shorten that to either Flam or FlamLiz. You can also find me on:
YouTube: FlammableLizard
-I upload videos opening Pokemon card packs every Friday!

Twitter: FlammableLizard
-I mostly use Twitter to talk about my YouTube videos, but I also post/retweet fun things sometimes!

Instagram: FlammableLizard
-I haven't used Instagram in quite some time. I might start posting some more collection-related things there eventually!

DeviantART: CharredPinappleTart
-I make sculptures of mostly Pokemon with Sculpey III clay! Also yes I know pineapple is spelled wrong haha

My main reason for this account is to participate in the PKMNCollectors community! I love to play the Pokemon video and card games, and I have an extensive collection of my favorite cards. My favorite Pokemon of all time is Charizard.

Check out my Pokemon collection site!

-I will do my best to treat my fellow collectors as I wish to be treated-

There isn't much else I feel I need to tell the internet that I haven't already. Chances are you happened upon my Livejournal because you know me.